Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Words - Day Three

Dear Families,
So far, it has been another spectacular day at CIMI! Our morning dive groups can boast about the fact that we probably saw a greater variety of fish in one dive than ever before. Please forgive us for bragging:
Double -headed Guitar Fish
VERY large Kelp Bass
Sheep Crab(Large)
Opal Eye
Thornback Ray
And that was just the morning...

Right now everyone is excited about lunch and then it is on to another afternoon of hands-on learning. Half of the kids will participate in labs and the other will go snorkeling. The weather is
absoloutely beautiful and everyone is smiling.

The learning curve is an amazing thing to witness. The kids all know how to put their wetsuits on like pros and their dorm rooms are approaching livable conditions. We can actually see the floor!


  1. Amazing!!! What a wonderful way to learn!!!!

    Glad the living quarters are beginning to look more organized ;)

    Manisha Sharma.

  2. Thank you very much for the daily updates, it makes me very happy everyone is having a blast. and thank you for taking good care of the kids.