Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday's This and That Day Four

Our last full day at CIMI? Impossible. Again, it has been a great day. To be honest, there are no bad days at Toyon Bay. This morning all of our kids went snorkeling as scientists. They conducted our annual Fish Count. Working in partners, and spread throughout the bay, Eastshore students counted different species of fish. When we return to school, they will compare this year's data with previous year's and develop conjectures about why the amount of a particular species may be more or less abundant in Toyon Bay.

This afternoon's activities included hiking and labs. The hike up the side of the mountain is beautiful and offers a stunning view of the ocean and mainland. The fish lab and shark lab give the kids a chance to pet sharks and rays! This is always one of the highlights in students' eyes.

Performing songs and skits for one another will take place at tonight's bonfire.  Our students will  have a blast singing, dancing, telling jokes, and performing their skits.

Waking to beautiful blue skies again this morning, we noticed fog on your side of the Pacific.  The temperature  today remained above normal all day.

All three of us have noticed a lot of maturity growth in your children as our week on the island progressed.  They've had to get themselves ready and arrive to program on time.   They've had to manage personal belongings and money while maintaining the conditions of their dormitory rooms.  We hope this level of independence continues once students return home.

Tomorrow, we will return to Newport Beach at 5:45 p.m. sharp.  Students will disembark the Catalina Flyer by study group with their luggage in hand, so feel free to take them home once you are reunited with your child.

Please send log books and journals to school on Monday.

Look for more pictures to be posted over the weekend.  Toyon Bay has dial up internet, and loading pictures is next to impossible on our blog.

Mrs. Goheen, Mr. Compton, Mr. Brooks


  1. Words cannot express our gratitude for this week of incredible adventure and personal growth. I'm sure it will hold a special, lifelong place in our daughter's heart. Thank you, so very much, for being such amazing teachers and mentors. Have fun tomorrow and have a safe trip home!

  2. Reading these updates is very fulfilling, knowing how much fun, adventure and learning the kids are experiencing. I am certain that this experience has made a memorable and life shaping impact for my daughter. My sincere gratitude to the teachers and mentors. We cant wait to hear all about this trip from our daughter.

  3. What an awesome experience for our children! They are really blessed to be able to experience this hands-on learning opportunity and also grow in their personal journey! I'm sure my son will have loads to tell us about all that he did there & this trip will be a specail and happy memory that will be cherished by him (and us) of his growing up years! Thanks to the teachers, chaperones and CIMI staff once again for making this possible! Have a wonderful rest of your stay there and a safe trip home! 

    Manisha Sharma